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NATMAN provides these Brown & Sharpe Automatic Screw Machine Troubleshooting Guides as a helpful service and is not responsible for its content.

Spindles: click here
Removing the Spindle Chain Idler Pulleys
Replacing the Spindle Chain
Removing the Spindle Drive Motor on #00, 2 and 3 Ultramatics
Fitting Washers to the Spindle Assembly on older machines with Sprocket bearing Retainer Coil Springs
Setting Spindle Clutches
Preventative Maintenance of Base and Spindle Clutches
Assembly of Ultramatic Spindle Ball Bearings
Installing Clutch Body Keys and Clutch Lever Inserts
Turret Slide: click here
Installing Chip Wipers on #2 and #3 Turret Slides
Replacing Turret Locking Pin Bushings on #00, #2 and #3 machines
Removing the Turret Slide Return Springs on Constant Stroke Turret Slides
Assembling the Turret Change Shaft on #2 machines
Replacing the Turret Change Shaft Adjusting Gear and Turret Return Shaft on #00 machines
Bed: click here
Setting the preload on #2 Withdrawal Cam
Adjusting the preload on the Withdrawal Cam Shaft
Replacing the Worm Wheel and Cam Drives on CNC machines
Replacing the Worm Shaft on CNC Machines
Changing to a Double Shear Arrangement to reduce lead cam pin breakage
Timing of Cam Shafts
Replacing the Lead Worm Shaft
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