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Genuine Brown & Sharpe Replacement Parts

Brown & Sharpe Replacement Parts
brown and sharp screw machine parts
Browne & Sharpe Replacement Parts

The first automatic screw machine was invented in 1861 and patented in 1865 by Brown & Sharpe. It was created to help build multiple parts repeatedly without any design changes. This helped with production speed and consistent product quality.

NATMAN’s success as a Brown & Sharpe Replacement Parts distributor can be attributed to providing “quality & service” that is second to none.  Aside from a huge in-warehouse stock, NATMAN is relentless in exhausting all sources available in pursuit of that hard to find or back-ordered part for your down Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machine. We have overnight access to over 10,000 parts in the B&S Rhode Island facility.

All genuine Brown & Sharpe repair parts come with its own unique quality guarantee. This label provides the customer confidence that each part has been manufactured to the original Brown & Sharpe Technical Specifications. Most parts ordered can ship in 24 hours – worldwide.

  • New & used tooling attachments
  • Complete spindle rebuilds
  • Spindle regrinding
  • Engineering & layouts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Same day shipping

Natman is also pleased to offer our Trouble Shooting Guides to assist you in Brown & Sharpe replacement parts and service.  You’ll find them here.

All of us at Natman do our very best to ensure accuracy and satisfaction with every order.

Contact us toll free at 800-345-5512 for questions or to order.  You can reach us by email here.

Download the Brown & Sharpe Tooling Catalogue here

Brown & Sharpe Replacement Parts