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CJWinter Thread Rolling Solutions

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CJWinter provides thread rolls for a variety of cylindrical thread rolling attachments and thread rolling machines.

CJWinter is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for multi-spindle, Swiss, CNC, Rotary Transfer applications. When you need durability, flexibility, and reliability, they cover the full spectrum of your thread rolling needs.

Thread rolling solutions include:

Attachment Rolls

Attachment rolls



API Cold Rolls

api cold rolls

Burnishing Rolls

burnishing rolls



Thread Rolls for Major Manufacturers

prod e series fette

Cylindrical/Machine Dies

Cylindrical/Machine Dies

Sucker Rods

sucker rods

How to Determine Correct Working Face

Figures 1 through 4 are intended to help you calculate the working face (F) for various thread rolling applications, determine the angle of chamfer required and position the thread roll properly.

The working face (or F dimension) of the thread roll must always be greater than the length of thread that needs to be generated on the part. The general rule is to allow the thread roll to overhang each end of the blank by at least 1 1⁄4 threads (root to root or crest to crest = 1 thread).

Figure 1 and 3 F = (2.250 x P) + L
Figure 2 and 4 F = (2.500 x P) + L
A = 1.500 x P
B = 1.250 x P H

Whether you’re ordering from our extensive in-stock inventory, or requesting custom-made materials, the thread rolls you get from CJWinter arrive quickly, perform at your exact specs, and last a long, long time.

How to Order Thread Rolls

When placing an order or requesting a quote, please have the following information available:

  • Make and model of thread rolling attachment
  • Style of thread roll (i.e. D-1, DR-1, C-1, etc.)
  • Size and pitch of thread to be rolled, including dimensional tolerances if other than standard
  • Length of thread on part
  • Material to be rolled
  • Print of part to be rolled

NOTE: Special rolls may require a sample part or more detailed specifications. Some rolls require a special calculation to figure the work face on the roll.

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