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Clutch Lever Fulcrums

The more wear resistant the fulcrum, the better it will stand up to the chucking pressures. The more wear resistant, the more the chucking pressure will be even and cause less strain on the front and rear bearings. That all adds up to longer life and less downtime with Brown & Sharpe fulcrums – unsurpassed for toughness and wear resistance.

  • They are made of high chromium alloy steel – the same steel used for armor piercing shells.
  • Precision production to the original tolerances means replacements are just like the original.
    You don’t waste time fitting to mating parts.
  • Very close tolerances between the central bore and the parallel slots assure you of a true running spindle and longer bearing life.

Remember, B&S manufactures to a specification, others manufacture to a cost

NATMAN is an authorized stocking distributor for
genuine Brown & Sharpe Repair Parts.

(chuck levers, spindles, spindle clutches, clutch lever fulcrums, collects and feed fingers)