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For screw machines, NC and turret lathes, automatics, and CNC turning, Boyar-Schultz tooling presents a new standard in ruggedness and precision for you that means superior performance, whatever your machining requirements.

Higher metal removal rates, tight dimensional tolerances and exceptional finish capabilities are all operating characteristics of these tool on a wide range of applications.

You also can expect longer tool life than you have experienced with any other tooling. The extra rigidity designed and built into Boyar-Schultz tooling delivers the consistent results required, even under abusive conditions.

The Boyar-Schultz tooling can be integrated into many applications on vertical and horizontal machining centers, multi-spindle bar machines and even special application machines. The introduction of quick change tooling will reduce setup time and cost.

In short, an investment in Boyar-Schultz tooling will provide you the uncommon benefit of fast payback from productivity improvements combined with amortization over considerably longer usable life than customarily associated with ordinary cutting tools.


Model T Box Toolboyar box tool

Model T Box Tool: Box tools are used in the turrets of screw machines, turret lathes, and CNC lathes. They are recommended for turning diameters where straightness, accuracy and finish are of primary importance. These rigid tools are designed to take a medium to heavy cut where a single pass cut is feasible, but not to exceed one-quarter of the stock diameter. The tool holder has two-axis adjustment, permitting proper orientation of tool bit to the workpiece, and ample space is provided for chip clearance and coolant flow.


boyar model drhModel DRH Adjustable Drill and Reamer Holder

Model DRH Adjustable Drill and Reamer Holder: Adjustable holders are used for holding drills, reamers, and other cutting tools in screw machines, turret lathes, and CNC lathes. This precision holder is adjustable to accurately align the cutting tool with the workpiece. The cutting tool is mounted directly in the tool head or in a bushing supplied with the holder, which can be machined to accept various size tool shanks. Rugged construction is designed to take the strain of heavy production runs. Available in long and short shank lengths.


Model AT Adjustable Non-releasing Tap HolderModel AT Adjustable Non-releasing Tap Holder

Model AT Adjustable Non-releasing Tap Holder: Adjustable non-releasing tap holders are used in reversing spindle automatic screw machines and CNC lathes. The tap is mounted in the tool holder directly or in an appropriately sized bushing; the holder assembly is adjustable to accurately align the tap with the work-piece. The non-rotating tool holder is free to move axially, permitting the tap to lead itself after being started in the workpiece. Automatic spindle reversal withdraws the tap from the hole and a spring draws the tool holder back into the head when the tap clears the workpiece

Model C Burnishing and Knurling Tool

Model SK Cross Slide Knurling Tool

An ideal tool for use where a surface smoother than the usual machined finish is required. It is a rugged burnishing tool, easy to adjust. In many instances it may be used to eliminate an extra operation. Hardened adjustable rollers exert pressure on the work surface to smooth out fine lines left by the turning tool. Diameter reductions are minimal and depend upon material, work diameter, and surface condition.

This tool can also be used for knurling by Replacing the burnishing rollers and with Knurling block assemblies.

  • Stainless Steel .0004 to .0006
  • Cold Drawn Steel .0006 to .0008
  • Bronze .0007 to .0009


Model SK Cross Slide Knurling Tool

Model SK Cross Slide Knurling ToolModel SK Cross Slide Knurling Tool: Cross slide knurling tools are used on single-spindle screw machines, multi-spindle screw machines, turret lathes and CNC lathes.

This tool has a floating, self-centering design to compensate for any center misalignment, and can be mounted on either front or back tool posts in the same manner as circular form tools. Simple and easy to adjust, its design permits knurling and thread rolling close to the collet, and dual rollers provide support for the workpiece eliminating the need for an auxiliary support tool.


Model H Precision Tool Adapter

Precision tool adapters are used in screw machines, turret lathes and CNC lathes.  The precision adapter is designed to allow the use of turret tools in machines larger than those for which the tools were designed.

The adapter is of particular advantage when working on small diameters or on long pieces where interference’s occur with larger-size tools built for a particular machine. The adapter permits the use of smaller-diameter shank tools in machines with larger shank capacities. This tool is made from hardened high alloy steel, and the outside and inside diameters are ground to insure concentricity.